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Listing format

Assembly listing
Label listing
Output listing

The assembly listing shows both the source and the generated code. This can help you debugging the source (or the generated code :). The file also contains a list of symbols and an overview of outputs, pages and code parts, so you can see where Sjasm puts your code.

Assembly listing

The listing follows the source code, and not the order in which the code parts may be placed in the output.

Label listing

The label listing lists all labels preceded by the page and the value. If the label is not used, this is marked with an X. Similarly a - (minus) indicates that the code part containing this label was not referenced and not assembled. An S indicates that the label may have had other values during the assembly, because it had its value set with the := command.

The labels are listed in order of appearance. Temporary labels and labels local to macros or loops are not listed.

00:00000080 X emU1
00:000000C0 X emUb
00:000000E6 S FT
00:0000010A   ppInit
00:0000011B - ppExit

Output listing

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