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Pletter is a compression package to compress data on pc to use it on MSX. Pletter is a somewhat improved Bitbuster.


Pletter version 0.5c has an option to include the original size in the packed data. If you use this, you have to update the unpacker.

Pletter 0.5c1 - pletter.exe for PC, unpack.asm for MSX.

Pletter 0.4a - The old one, smaller de-compressor and you can decide on the look back buffer size yourself - pletter.exe for PC, unpack.asm for MSX.


Sjasm is a Z80 assembler with lots of features. It runs on PC running Windows or Linux, but the sources are included so it should be possible to compile it on other systems as well.

Sjasm 0.42 online manual


Sjasm 0.42c - Win32 executable, a debian linux executable and sources.


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